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Kroon Tripel Bier

Because we like to pamper our guests with many different specialty beers, and also think local beers are important, we have asked the brewer of Slot Oostende from Goes to brew a fine beer for us. This should not be too heavy, not too bitter, but a little bit fruity and easy to drink. So now we can proudly present the unfiltered Kroon triple beer with 8% alcohol for you. The first sip will be a touch of sweet and fruity, and then runs nicely with a little bitterness. Naturally served in a private De Kroon Tasting Room glass.
Of course, both the beer and the glass are for sale to take home. Just nice for yourself or as a small gift for the babysitter of the children, dog, house or who has cared for the plants.

Hotel Café Restaurant De Kroon
Hotel Café Restaurant De Kroon