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Ambassadeur Orval

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Ambassadeur Orval

Hotel Café Restaurant De Kroon

What is a Trappist beer, or simply a trappist?

This is beer that is brewed by Trappists, monks of the order of the Cistercians. It is not a type of beer, as is often thought, but a description of its origin.

The Trappist beers brewed by monks are praised for their craftsmanship, bold, deep taste and non-commercial approach. The conditions for carrying the name "Trappist" and the accompanying logo "Authentic Trappist Product" are as follows:

1) The product must be produced within the walls of the abbey.

2) The product must be produced by or under the supervision of the monastic community.

3) The proceeds must be used for the maintenance of the monks and for the maintenance of the monastery. What remains must be spent on social work.

Worldwide there are only eleven Trappist breweries. One of these breweries can be found in Villers-Devant-Orval (Belgian Ardennes), where the Orval is produced. Named after the "Val d'Or (the golden valley).

What can you expect as a special beer lover with these Orval ambassadors?

The manager can tell you about:

* the brewing process

* a bit of history about the abbey

* the scarcity of the Orval beer

* What kind of Orval is offered?

At the ambassadors you can enjoy:

* An Orval that is younger than 6 months will be more bitter and fruity in taste.

* An Orval that is older than 6 months, this is a bit smoother, rounder and has more acidic keys. This is because almost all residual sugars have disappeared.

* For the true lovers of this fantastic Trappist beer we even serve Orval beers older than 12 months, 24 months, 36 months and with a lot of luck itself 48 months !!!

* You can choose to keep the Orval cooled (6 ° C) or not cooled (approx 12 ° C).

Would you like to experience the differences? Then come to our special beer café and be surprised by the variety of the Orval Trappist beer.