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More INFORMATION about Noord-Beveland, what to do, see, taste, ...

Noord-Beveland, the ideal location to discover Zeeland.

Would you like more information about our Endless Island Noord-Beveland? What can we do, what can we see, where do they rent out bicycles and scooters, is there live music, can we go water skiing, where can we go to the beach, ... The answers to these questions can be found on the VISIT NOORD- BEVELAND WEBSITE.




After marking the polder, the village of Wissenkerke was founded in the middle of the 17th century. One of the two mills in Wissenkerke, called 'the Enterprise', still grinds the grain on natural strength. The impressive mill can be seen from afar.
Wissenkerke is also called the heart of Noord-Beveland, because here the town hall is located.
Another highlight in the village is the open air swimming pool "Het Wissebad". This is open from May to September. A swimming pool for everyone, from a shallow pool to starting blocks to dive from. Would you like to enjoy the sun, of course, also on the green sunbathing area.
There are kilometers of hiking and biking trails ready to show you the most beautiful places in Zeeland. The varied landscape of Zeeland lends itself well to exploring. Design the ideal route with the cycle-walking nodes network or choose one of the theme routes, such as the 'salty beaties'. Discover the unique nature, the picturesque villages in the neighborhood, quiet farmland paths or the incredibly wide beach. Especially at low tide you have the space here.

Determine your own cycling or walking route on Noord-Beveland

Noord-Beveland is an Endless Island and consists of 6 villages. The island has approximately 50 km of coastline. In addition, it has endless views of the landscape, but also of the surrounding waters. Pay special attention to the beautiful skies.

The Oosterschelde National Park (with the famous Oosterscheldekering and the Zeeland Bridge) and the North Sea and Veerse Meer are waters of major importance. On the mountain bike, cycling, hiking trails you can discover all the best of Noord-Beveland.

With these maps you can already determine a nice route for a walk or a bike ride. You can calculate the distance yourself. The red numbers are the distance between the numbers.

We wish you a lot of fun preparing your visit to Hotel Café Restaurant De Kroon in Wissenkerke on Noord-Beveland.

Hotel Café Restaurant De Kroon
Hotel Café Restaurant De Kroon
Hotel Café Restaurant De Kroon
View the MTB Noord-Beveland website

Nationaal park De Oosterschelde

A stone's throw away from Wissenkerke

The Oosterschelde is the largest and wettest national park in the Netherlands. It is a world of tides, wind and especially water, a lot of water. Because of the tide, the landscape is always different.

At low tide you see the plates and swallow, at high tide it is a game of wind and water. Underwater a beautiful colorful world. Pay attention because there are seals and porpoises to spot.

Behind the dikes reminders of the life of the Zeeuwen with the sea in the form of cart fields, inlets and creeks. Do you like to see the special (migratory) birds? Then you will certainly enjoy yourself in the bird watching huts.

On the site you will find all sorts of activities. Together with the family a cruise on the Oosterschelde, but also a tough kayak trip at the Oesterput is recommended.

Would you like to know more about the beautiful Oosterschelde National Park? After a course in hospitality we try to answer your questions. If this does not work, we will look it up together!

Enjoy the beautiful film images of our National Park Oosterschelde here

Hotel Café Restaurant De Kroon

Who's looking at who??

Click on the link below and you will be taken to the many nature points, nature attractions, nature activities, ... along, in and around the Oosterschelde National Park. Which by the way is the largest national park in the whole of the Netherlands.



Would you like to see more of Zeeland or visit the larger towns? After 20 minutes by car you reach all the beautiful cities of Middelburg with the many monuments, Vlissingen parade at the boulevard, Veere with the Scottish houses or Zierikzee climb the blunt tower here. You do not have to drive too far to visit the sophisticated Domburg. Traditionally came here to celebrate the rich holidays and that is clearly visible at the stately villas and large country houses right on the dune edge. But this water-rich province offers much more; how about diving in the Oosterschelde, water sports companies on the Veerse Meer or visit one of the many museums? In Ouwerkerk you will learn a lot about the flood disaster, which plagued Zeeland in 1953. Be surprised by the beautiful collection of the Zeeuws Museum in Middelburg. Experience the 80-year war on the basis of world-famous and unique tapestries with naval battles from the 16th century.

Hotel Café Restaurant De Kroon